Lianne Bantjes

  • Independent Phono-graphix Reading Therapist
    (Accreditation number: RFA PGR 0517/01 A)
  • P.G.C.E. (ECD & Foundation Phase)
  • B.A. Degree
  • CEP Certification (ABET)
  • TEFL Certification

Lianne has been involved in Education & Training for more than 20 years. Although she started off her working career focused on adult literacy, she later qualified as a teacher. Over and above her South African work experience, she spent 11 years working as an English teacher while living abroad.

Lianne is passionate about improving literacy levels in South Africa. What drives her is her strong belief that literacy is a valuable gift that has the power to change the trajectory of a child’s life, and to open doors for them. She has had experience working with children and adults from all walks of life and is passionate about assisting them to develop a solid language foundation on which they can successfully build.

LB Literacy was started at the end of 2018 when Lianne decided to follow her passion and specialize in reading therapy and literacy support. It is her belief that all children are capable of learning to read and to read for meaning. She insists that with the right guidance, most children will develop a love of reading and become readers for life. However, early intervention is key to minimizing the negative impact of falling behind.

Lianne believes that if a child becomes a fluent reader, every other aspect of their education becomes easier for them and more attainable. They will no longer be dependent on others for information & opportunities to learn. They will be empowered to teach themselves what they need to know. Being able to cope and succeed with the increasing (reading) workload through high school and university becomes a much greater possibility if a child is a fluent reader.

In a world where constant, diverse forms of communication across multiple platforms has become the norm, in both our private and work lives, we need to be raising children with exceptional literacy skills. If our children are to cope, if they are to succeed, if they are to stand out and excel, then acquiring strong literacy skills is not negotiable. It is the bare minimum. Let’s not sell them short by not putting in the time and effort to get them there.

If your child is not a competent reader by the end of Grade 3, ready to ‘read to learn’, you will know that you already have a problem and that you need to take action.

Logo: Indicates that Lianne is a qualified Advanced Independent Phono-graphix reading therapist in Johannesburg.

To explore working with Lianne face-to-face in Parkmore (Sandton, Johannesburg) or ONLINE (nationally), contact her for a consultation to discuss how she can assist you.