Literacy levels are the focus of the first three years of a child's school life. The rest of their education hinges on the strength of
There is much research supporting the idea that there is great benefit in reading aloud to your teenagers. For some reason, parents still seem to
The signs listed below can be informative for parents who want to stay on top of their child's reading and literacy development, as well as
I believe that it is never too late to learn to read. Improved reading fluency can change the trajectory of a child's life. Ensuring that
Globally there is a push to have the science behind learning to read brought into teacher training, classroom practices and ongoing professional development.
There is much that can be done by parents and teachers to help develop a child's working memory and overcome this barrier to learning.
A child uses working memory to hold on to information long enough to use it. It affects a child's ability to concentrate and complete minor, everyday
(Updated 18 April 2020) Many companies & organizations that deal with children's products have generously made certain online options available for free. It is time
Why wait for failure and its repercussions? Taking a 'wait and see' approach to the development of your child's literacy skills is a dangerous game
Do you know enough about Grade R to make an informed decision about where to place your child? If your child has already been placed,