Isobel Abulhoul has led a tireless campaign to improve literacy and a love of books, particularly for children. She makes many valuable points in her
I have such fond memories from my childhood of my mom reading aloud to us girls. I can still smell her, feel the fluff of
Rebecca Bellingham puts forward the idea that reading aloud to groups of children makes it possible for some children to "get inside a book" in
There are a multitude of factors that determine a child's academic success. However, there are indications that developing a sense of responsibility and accountability can
"Even infants get profound cognitive and behavioral benefits from sharing a vivid story," says Ms. Gurdon of the Wall Street Journal (18 January 2019). If
This is an account of the joy of reading to a semi-literate young women. It also covers the benefits of reading aloud to older children
This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. The author is John Aitchison, Professor Emeritus of Adult Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal.
High illiteracy rates become a problem for everyone – the rich, middle class and poor. There are real consequences for everyone.
Today I want to focus on the pros and cons of reading to your child daily.
What do we mean by literacy? Why are literacy rates a concern globally?